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TUFF's latest release

Dear Clients,

By now you may be aware that Duncan Gay, the NSW Minister for Roads & Freight has issued an exemption order with respect to bullbars said not to comply with the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulations 2007 (NSW).

TUFF is pleased to see that these exemptions have been granted, but we do not consider that they are of any application to TUFF's products. The reason for this is that TUFF's products already satisfied the legislative requirements in place prior to the exemption order being granted.

As set out in our response to the Land article of 14 August 2014, the suggestion that bullbars are non-compliant because they have five posts is simply wrong. There is nothing whatsoever in Australian Standard AS4876.1-2002, the relevant Australian Design Rules or any of the applicable legislative provisions which prohibits five post bullbars.

It is most regrettable that public statements appear to have been made to the effect that five post bullbars are illegal. It is also regrettable that infringement notices were issued to TUFF's customers based on an erroneous understanding of the legislative requirements.

Since the publication of the Land article TUFF sought a public retraction from NSW Police of statements attributed to Inspector Boon in the Land article such as the comment that "I can't see that any five poster bulbar complies with safety standards" .  The NSW Police have stopped short of issuing a public retraction at this point as they are currently unable to confirm whether Inspector Boon was misquoted. They have however quite properly acknowledged to us that bullbars are not illegal simply because they are of five post construction.

TUFF hopes that the difficulties encountered as a consequence of this misunderstanding of the relevant legislative requirements is behind us. TUFF will work as closely as possible with NSW Police and the Minister for Roads and Freight to try and ensure that these events do not occur again.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our loyal TUFF customers for their significant and overwhelming support throughout this period.


Yours sincerely


Anton Griffiths

Managing Director